Renjana Nusantara is a social enterprise, we build strategic partnerships between local communities and businesses and provide them with digital solutions and coaching to create sustainable relationships to increase community welfare.
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What We Help With
Business Services
We provide local businesses with digital solutions to answer their business needs. We also connect local businesses to community groups to forge partnerships that help to increase the welfare of the community and grow local businesses
Community Empowerment
We connect high potential community groups to the digital tools and solutions they required to achieve sustainable development. For businesses, we design and implement CSR programs that address the root cause of slow development and spark sustainable partnerships.
Social Enterprise Incubator
We assist young aspiring social entrepreneurs in building their startup by providing the management support the require, connecting them with the best fit community groups and potential investors.
How We Work
We aim to balance obtaining a healthy financial gain and impact to society
We do this by providing IT services to businesses and reinvesting our financial gains to develop digital solutions and setup social enterprises in efforts to achieve sustainable development in our target communities.
We build partnerships between local communities and businesses by addressing roadblocks that prevent them from working together. These issues usually stem from the lack of transparency, the lack of accountability, poor governance structures, poor financial management capabilities and poor performance management capabilities. We believe that these issues can be solved through intense coaching and the implementation of digital tools.
Our Projects